What the ‘Bounce Bounce Trampoline Park’ Has In Store for Adults will Surprise You

The trend of indoor trampoline parks has been on the rise lately; and for good reason. After all, who doesn’t like to taste thrill and adventure while being in a safe and secure environment? At ‘Bounce Bounce Trampoline Park’, this thrill is not limited to children only. Our wide range of activities has a lot to offer to the adults as well. Therefore, you don’t need to bizarrely wait on the kids while they indulge in their favorite activities inside the park. Now you too can get busy in some much needed fun getaway in the Bounce Bounce Trampoline Park.

Read below for a description of the activities for the adults at the park.

Dodge Ball

Imagine this childhood favorite of yours but with a twist; on a trampoline. It’s double the fun, double the craze and double the thrill. Dodge the ball as the trampoline sends you flying in all directions. Unlike the basic form of this game where you run across the ground, this trampoline version lets you fly up as well, adding monumentally to the adventure factor of this game.


So you thought that the highest you could jump is when you are putting the ball through the basketball hoop? With our higher than usual basketball hoops, set on a ground of trampoline, you can jump unimaginably high while showing the world your skills in the game. This game is quite enjoyable for even those who don’t play basketball much. Therefore, you can imagine for yourself how thrilling it gets for those who know the game beforehand. Play basketball like never before with the trampoline court in the ‘Bounce Bounce Trampoline Park’.

Bubble Bumping

How about experiencing some weightlessness while jumping on a trampoline while enclosed in a bubble? If thrill is what sets the mood for you, the Bubble Bumping game will be like a dream come true. This game will have you experience the trampoline fun while taking away the control of hands and feet that you have in simple trampoline jumping. Enclosed in a transparent bubble, you will bump against other bubbles while being completely safe from any kind of injury. In fact, this is what sets the Bounce Bounce Trampoline Park apart; the provision of utmost adventure with equal safety.

Zip Lining

If you were thinking about going zip lining in the nature, it will be good to experience the thrill first inside the trampoline park as you fly across the trampoline base, tied to a zip line. Put your skill to test and see how high you can get from the rest of the zip liners. The trampoline beneath will ensure that you soar the highest while staying safe at the same time. With nominal pricing well below ten dollars for each ride, you can have a great amount of fun.

So the next time you take your children to the ‘Bounce Bounce Trampoline Park’ make sure to set yourself up for some adventure as well, with a large number of activities meant for adults. Visit ‘Bounce Bounce Trampoline Park’ now!