Bounce Your Way to a Healthy Body: Health Benefits Of Trampoline Jumping

Trampoline Park Cypress

People today are increasingly concerned about their health because of which they try to exercise regularly to stay active and fit.

Since exercising can be boring, people are always looking for new kinds of exercises to make it fun and enjoyable. Also, due to our busy schedules, it is really difficult to take out much time for exercising, therefore, rather than doing separate exercises for each body part, people prefer exercises that involve multiple body parts and muscles.

While all of us know that running is one exercise that involves our whole body, few know that ‘trampoline jumping’ is more beneficial all while being extremely fun and exciting.

Here, we list down some major health benefits of trampolining which will make you include it in your regular workout sessions:

  • Healthy heart

    We all know how beneficial cardio exercises are for our health, and that is the reason we do running. Moderate intensity trampoline jumping, when performed regularly, not only strengthens our muscles, but also increases our heart rate which will then ensure better circulation of oxygen in our body. According to a study conducted by NASA, 10 minutes of bouncing and jumping on a trampoline is a better cardio workout than 33 minutes of running.

  • Low impact on your joints

    Although trampolining is a high intensity workout, it produces a comparatively low impact on our joints unlike other cardio exercises, such as jogging, running and playing tennis. This is because the trampoline pad absorbs almost 80 % of the shock that comes from bouncing. Therefore, you are less likely to get joint injuries while jumping on the trampoline than during jogging or playing tennis.

  • Better lymphatic system

    The lymphatic system is our body’s defensive mechanism against bacteria, viruses and certain diseases. It is responsible for collecting wastes from all cells of our body and for providing them essential nutrients. However, unlike the blood that is pumped by the heart, the lymphatic system does not have a pumping system and the lymph fluid depends on muscular contraction, caused due to the movement of our bodies, to flow. Also, the lymph vessels, through which the fluid flows, run vertically in one direction, in our bodies. This is why the vertical movement during trampolining is highly beneficial for proper functioning of our lymphatic system. In addition to clearing wastes from our body, a properly functioning lymphatic system also results in a strong immune system.

  • Improved Mental Health

    In addition to increasing the supply and improving the circulation of clean oxygen in your brain, exercises like jogging and bouncing on a trampoline are told to stimulate the production of ‘Endorphins’ in our body. Endorphins are chemicals that known as positive, mood enhancing chemicals and are naturally produced within our body. In addition to this, trampolining is so much fun that it is sure to lift your mood and make you feel happy, thus improving your mental health.

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