Celebrate Your Birthday at Bounce Bounce Park!

Your birthday is a special occasion which is meant to be celebrated alongside your loved ones. As such, it is always a good idea to plan a big party on your special day and invite all your favorite people to attend and make the occasion something you will truly remember for years to come.

Enjoy Your Special Event at Our Facility!

Speaking of birthday parties, did you know that Bounce Bounce – The Trampoline Park has very exciting special offers for birthdays? That’s right! At our facility, you can enjoy your special event with your friends and family. In fact, if you celebrate your next birthday with us, you are guaranteed the most fun you will ever have!

The Features of Our Party Packages

Why so? Well, that is mainly because we have five different party packages for you to choose from. All of our packages feature one and half hours of adventure time, in which you can enjoy the ropes course, trampoline, foam pit, basketball, soccer field and dodge ball with your loved ones. Apart from that, some other features of these packages include pizzas, your own private party room or party table, pitchers of soda, a personal party host, paper plates, napkins, cups, and utensils. Talk about an all-in-one deal!

We Can Accommodate As Many Guests As You Want!

The difference between our packages is that Party Package 1 accommodates 10 guests, Party Package 2 accommodates 20, Party Package 3 accomodates 30 guests and Party Package 4 and 5 accommodate 10 and 5 respectively. Party Package 4 and 5 are for parties located downstairs in our open space party area with partial service. So it doesn’t matter how large your gathering is going to be, because as long as you decide to celebrate it with us, you can rest assured knowing that you are in for a great time.

Why the Bounce Bounce Park is an Ideal Destination for Your Birthday Party

At Bounce Bounce – The Trampoline Park, the fun truly never ends. There are countless reasons as to why our facility is the best place for you to enjoy your birthday party. First things first: you will find all sorts of fun things to do while you are here, such as never ending bouncing sessions on the trampolines, some thrilling fun in the dodge ball and basketball courts, as well as exciting times in the ropes course and foam pit.

Apart from that, we make sure that we provide you a complete bundle of joy, which is why there’s plenty of food (pizzas) and drinks to fill up all the guests. And let’s not forget the fact that you get your very own private party room or reserved party table where you and your gang can have an exciting experience.

You should keep in mind that the same packages which we provide for birthdays are also available for corporate events and other types of gatherings. So make sure you book Bounce Bounce – The Trampoline Park soon for any upcoming event to have the time of your life!