7 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Start Trampolining

One of the best and most effective exercises that you can do is trampolining, or jumping on a trampoline. According to NASA, the most effective form of exercise ever devised by man is rebounding. However, most people practice trampolining because of the fun factor. This is especially true for kids. Kids enjoy jumping everywhere whether it’s their bed or the trampoline. There are many benefits of trampolining including improved coordination and toned muscles. Following are some benefits of trampolining.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Trampolining has cardiovascular benefits. According to a NASA study, compared to half an hour of running, ten minutes of trampolining is a more effective cardiovascular exercise. Furthermore, the NASA report states that jumping on a trampoline bring about a greater magnitude biomechanical stimuli than running. Finally, trampolining helps your body to eliminate the waste and toxins inside it.

Better Immune System

Amebic action self-propels many immune cells. Example of these cells are macrophages and T-lymphocytes. Molecules similar to the ones found in muscle tissue are what these cells contain.  As a result of the “G force” during trampolining, all cells in the body become stronger. Furthermore, self-propelled immune cells become up to five times more active during trampolining. The responsibility of eating bacteria, virus and even cancer cells falls on self-propelled immune cells. Therefore, making them active or increasing their ‘activeness’ is extremely beneficial. In short, you can directly strengthen your immune system by jumping on a trampoline.

Increased energy

The circulation of oxygen to cells is what trampolining increases. As a result of this, it boosts energy. You’ll feel a burst of energy only after a few minutes of jumping/bouncing on a trampoline.

Improved digestion

Trampolining helps your muscles contract and relax. Contraction and relaxation of muscles aid the cleaning out process of the digestive tract. Therefore, you can improve digestion by bouncing on a trampoline.

Better coordination and agility

You can improve your sense of balance and coordination by jumping on a trampoline. Furthermore, trampolining makes your body more ‘aware’. Bouncing on a trampoline teaches you to control the arms and legs coordination. Furthermore, you learn how to adjust your body’s position accordingly. You can use the fine motor skills and improved coordination that you get from trampolining for other activities that require a lot of hand-eye coordination. For example, in order to improve their coordination in tumbles and aerial skills, acrobats and gymnasts use trampolines.

Muscle toning

Trampolining reduces the fat percentage in your body and improves muscle suppleness and tone. Furthermore, you can improve posture and muscle health by regularly using a trampoline. Trampolining helps you to gain a lower back and a stronger stomach as it constantly engages your core-stability muscles to ensure stability and balance. A NASA study reveals that you can improve whole-body strength by using a trampoline.

Relieve stress and have fun

The final benefit of bouncing on a trampoline is relieving stress and having fun. It is a scientifically proven fact that when you’re bouncing in the air, you forget all of your worries and only focus on having fun!